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Looking at Graz!
426 Views on the State of the City

May 17–Sep 10, 2018
426 Views on the State of the City © GrazMuseum

In autumn 2017, Franziska Schurig documented the urban space of Graz along the routes of busses and trams. The exhibition now shows 426 photographs taken at as many stops, which have then been assigned to the respective city districts. “Look at Graz! 426 Perspectives of the State of the City” photographically describes the actual present state of Graz. The exhibition design encourages visitors to stroll around and read. Specific questions invite them to form an idea of the diverse real-life forces, complex structures and problems that shape and transform the city. And of the way we influence the state of the city through our daily use of the city.

An accompanying publication summarising a selection of photographs and texts by experts will be published to accompany the exhibition. The authors contribute to a comprehensive view of Graz's urban space through their different subject-specific perspectives.