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i2a - Biennale
Swiss Biennal of territory Re–Use. Imagining the continuity of territories

Oct 1–Oct 3, 2020
@ i2a Biennale

After the success of the first two editions, Biennale i2a evolves in Swiss biennal of territory to talk about re-use. Conferences, exhibitions, film screenings and urban walks: the convivial environment that distinguishes i2a concentrated in three days of exchange and enrichment on what will be the territory, together with some of the Swiss and international protagonists of the contemporary debate.

Swiss Biennal of territory In opposition to the ideology of consumerism, production and waste, the Swiss Biennal of territory proposes continuity, permanence and renewal. This event invites to project the poetry of memory into the future and to consider the present as a state of transition, to be transformed, distorted and invigorated, rather than destroyed and forgotten. Following the 2016 and 2018 editions focused on the major territorial changes in Switzerland, the 2020 Biennial invites scholars, urbanists, architects and landscape architects to present and discuss projects for the reuse of parts of the city, of buildings and brownfields. Under the banner of Imagining the Continuity of the territory, speakers will present the methods and processes adopted to build with the objective of sustainable continuity.

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