Architecture Exhibitions International

Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ Berlin

Jun 20–Aug 2, 2020
Swim City
© Foto: DAZ

DAZ is a think-tank, a place for exchange, transmission and debate. In workshops, exhibitions, talks, film nights and book presentations, architects, city planners, artists, citizens, users and critics come together to discuss current issues in architecture, spatial production and urban life.
Who makes the city? asks Creative Director Matthias Böttger in 2014. How can social objectives and formal synthesis, robust responsibility and fragile creativity be combined? How can speculative practice change architecture? Architecture´s task is not only to provide solutions, but to name and describe new challenges. Architecture provides no definitive answers, but remains open for questions – you are cordially invited to share and discuss!
The DAZ is an Initiative of the Association of German Architects, BDA. As an independent forum, the DAZ is responsible for the content and financing of its own program.