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Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin

Japan‘s Masterpieces of Wooden Architecture
Photographs by Fujitsuka Mitsumasa

Nov 30, 2018–Feb 8, 2019
Japans Meisterwerke der Holzarchitektur © Fujitsuka Mitsumasa

FUJITSUKA Mitsumasa is one of the most favorite Photographers of many designers and architects, among them well-known names as KURAMATA Shirō, MIYAKE Issey, ANDŌ Tadao, YAMAMOTO Riken, KUMA Kengo.

The illustrated book on Japanes wooden architecture (Nihon Mokuzō Isan, Texts FUJIMORI Terunobu and KOSHIHARA Mikio, Photo FUJITSUKA Mitsumasa, Sekaibunka-sha Publishing Co. 2014) was the basis of a very successful exhibition on display in Tōkyō and is shown now at the JDZB. In his first foreign exhibition, photographer FUJITSUKA Mitsumasa - who won the special award at the prestigious “2017 Mainichi Design Awards” for his complete works - presents more than 90 photographs of significant wood buildings in Japan.