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La Galerie d'Architecture Paris

Agence Ter
Living soils, the foundations of nature in the city

Nov 17, 2020–Jan 16, 2021
@ Le Pochat Philippe. Agency TER.

Ecosystems of nature in the city, bioclimatic public spaces, parks and neighborhoods designed as hydraulic machines, cities forests, metropolitan areas. Agence Ter has been experimenting for more than 30 years with the urban planning of living environments and the climatic services provided by landscape projects. Elected Grand Prix de l'Urbanisme in 2018, the three partners, Henri Bava, Michel Hössler and Olivier Philippe and their collaborators present a manifesto exhibition where the living soil is the founding concept of urban resilience. The cut is the central medium of the exhibition. It has the ability to make intelligible the complexity of a site in its thickness, the visible and invisible strata from the subsoil to the biosphere. It often precedes the plan in the design of projects at Agence Ter. Horizon symbol, it evokes the territorial dimension of the profession of landscape designer. Inspiring, it is presented in the form of animated paintings under the watchful eye of three experts of the "living": Emanuele Coccia, philosopher of metamorphoses; Nathalie de Noblet, bioclimatologist and Gilles Gallinet, geologist, naturalist.