Architecture Exhibitions International

La Galerie d'Architecture Paris

Gitty Darugar
Formes et Lumières

Apr 20–May 16, 2018
© Gitty Darugar

Form, function, light, and color are the concerns of architects and their constructive creations. In her photo- graphs of the buildings of the architect Christian de Portzamparc, the photo- grapher Gitty Darugar interprets these physical structures in abstraction ― an abstraction of light and color that crys- tallizes these forms into compositions of unanticipated beauty. The architect’s three-dimensional elements are, of course, present, but we do not see these «man-made» shapes until Darugar’s magical photographic eye has transformed them into two dimensions. Her architec- tural photographs demonstrate not only how Architecture and Nature imitate one another - but also how, through Darugar’s work, this dialogue can achieve further creative expression in photography.