Architecture Exhibitions International

La Galerie d'Architecture Paris

Kalus Roussel Architectes
Un jeu d'enfants

Apr 18–May 15, 2019
Picture : Villa Vauvenargues – Photograph : © Cécile Septet

Child’s play
Children love to tell stories. So do we. Children love to run. So do we.
Children love to play shop. So do we. Children love to fiddle with things. So do we. Children love to build. So do we.
They are oblivious to danger.
They have no preconceptions.

Make it so everything appears easy, so everyone can say: it was child’s play.

Not easy with small projects, short deadlines, tight budgets, existing constraints, red tape, multiple parties.
We set store on doing so, in a patient, artisanal way.
Child’s play.

Thank you to school for showing us how to learn. Thank you to François Deslaugiers for teaching us that: “There are no details, just the project”.