Architecture Exhibitions International

MAK Center for Art and Architecture (Schindler House) Los Angeles

Open House
An Installation by Oliver Furth and Sean Yashar

Apr 26–May 17, 2018
Alex J. Reed’s “Rudolph’s Big Trip,” glazed ceramic, 2018 © MAK Center

Open House presents new bodies of work by Los Angeles-based artist-makers, Elyse Graham, Alex Hagentorn, Alex J.Reed, and Jonathan Zawada. Set in the context of the radically pioneering Kings Road House, the work advances the timeless narrative of Los Angeles as a blank slate on which burgeoning young creatives break with tradition and leave their mark.

A new generation of ascendant artist-makers collapse and expand the hierarchy thatseparates fine art and craft. Set inside each of the house’s four studios, these makers re-engage this vital space for connection and inspiration, that will once more carry the torch of progressive design across a broad array of mediums. Alex Hagentorn’s sculpture is inflected with a graphic whimsy that harkens back to L.A.’s roots as an animation hub. A mentee of artist David Wiseman, Hagentorn’s work will be shown in conjunction with the preliminary sketches that inform his practice. Alex Reed’s pipe ceramics comment on life in the information age, and owe their impeccable craftsmanship in part to Reed’s role as current L.A. Studio Manager of Heath Ceramics, one of the most notable firms responsible for putting California ceramics on the map. Jonathan Zawada works at the vanguard of postmodern design with a palette and materiality that nods to Peter Shire, the only American and L.A. native to permeate the Memphis clique. Elyse Graham’s works nod to the Italian architect Gaetano Pesce in its blurring of the line between mold and object. Together these artist-makers advance Schindler’s narrative of Los Angeles as the grand dame of blank slates, with the Schindler House, serving as the penultimate forum on which these young creatives will define their practice and earn their place in the pantheon of contemporary, collectible design and art.