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Mark Twain Center Heidelberg

IBA 2018 – Knowledge City of Tomorrow
Interim Presentation of the IBA Heidelberg

Apr 27–Jul 8, 2018
© IBA Heidelberg

Mid-term! Before all projects of the Heidelberg International Building Exhibition can be viewed “in real” at the final presentation in 2022, this year’s IBA will show an interim status and provide a comprehensive insight into IBA’s past and future processes and projects.

At the core of the interim presentation is an extensive exhibition at the Mark-Twain-Center. It explains what an IBA is all about, and vividly illustrates the IBA_PROJECTS and IBA_CANDIDATES in Heidelberg. To see the bigger picture the exhibition also looks at other science cities of comparable size: A concise synopsis shows how an international discussion about urban development is taking place on the subject of »Wissen schafft Stadt« (“knowledge based urbanism”) and presents inspiring examples and visions.

The exhibition

For the first time ever, all IBA projects will be presented to the public. The progress from the idea to the real building, square or park will be illustrated through design concepts and expert opinions, as well as reports from workshops and from the construction sites. Interactive exhibition elements invite visitors to browse and discover the content.

In the specialist discourse, Heidelberg is also referred to as “Knowledge Pearl” – the term describes small and medium-sized science cities with a global reputation. The exhibition elaborates on this term, drawing on historical sources and current insights into the scientific and educational landscape. Heidelberg’s knowledge landscape is vividly conveyed by means of unconventional and unexpected exhibits.

Cities such as Leuven, Lund or Cambridge are examples of Knowledge Pearls from across Europe. Since its very beginning, IBA has maintained a lively exchange with these cities. Visitors can listen, see and touch exhibits at different stations to experience what is going on in cities like Heidelberg.