Architecture Exhibitions International

Omi International Arts Center Ghent N.Y.

Architecture Omi

Permanent exhibition

Architecture Omi is conceived to facilitate projects exploring the intersection of architecture, art and landscape. Nestled with in the campus of the Omi sculpture park, Architecture Omi offers a pristine sixty acre site designated expressly to foster and cultivate the production of physical installations such as pavilions, earthworks, landscape interventions, constructed environments. In addition, the program encourages the integration of all varieties of related media, ideas, propositions and theoretical musings in a laboratory-style setting.

The vision for Architecture Omi is to create a fusion of natural and synthetic resources It is a sanctuary where the public can experience a diversity of architectural installations spread across a myriad of natural ecosystems and designed landscapes on the Architecture Omi grounds. The result is a new category of hybrid parkland that melds enlightened ecological conservation practices with experimental constructions. The environment of Architecture Omi will facilitate an ongoing dialogue on the interconnectivity between nature, culture, art and architecture.