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Oris House of Architecture Zagreb

The Island of Vis and the Anatomy of Islands

Feb 7–Feb 19, 2018
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Exhibition Vis and the Anatomy of Islands – Space in Service of the Community will open Wednesday, 7 February 2018 at 6 pm in Oris House of Architecture. The exhibition will present five-years-long programme Anatomy of Islands 2012 – 2016 realized on the island of Vis. Five international workshops and symposiums included over 100 speakers, 130 students and 24 proposed projects. Anatomy of Island was also given ARTUR 2016 Award. At the opening Iva Niemčić and Boško Budisavljević will deliver a short introductionary presentation, which will be followed by 6 student videos revolving around the theme Future of Vis.

Curator of the exhibition: Boško Budisavljević

Panel designers: Kristina Jeren and Boris Kuk