Feb 24–Aug 29, 2020

Reframing Spaces

The Catalyst Cube in Caracas
Store Street, London WC1E 7BT Map
Mon–Fri 9:30 am–6 pm, Sat 10 am–5 pm

In June 2018, the British Council launched an open call inviting architects, artists and designers to submit proposals for public space interventions that could reinvigorate urban areas within the city of Caracas, Venezuela.
The aim of the project is to explore ideas that improve the quality of life of local people, regaining the feeling of ownership over their city and promoting a responsible use of public spaces to make a safer city. The outcome is the Catalyst Cube – a reconfigurable social, cultural and educational space that acts as a focal point where different communities meet.
Day-to-day living has become a struggle for most Venezuelans, driven by political instability and economic turmoil. Caracas is a city of contrasts, urban and rural, formal and informal, divided by physical and psychological barriers. Among the issues that currently affect the city is the decrease in public spaces for leisure and entertainment, risk of security and violence, compounded by its dense population and deficiency of services.
Despite the difficulties, there is hope. By engaging with the city’s fabric the people of Caracas are beginning to make their mark.