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Tin Sheds Gallery Sydney

Ohlen Freswind: patterns for a community school
Every child has a right to a fulfilling education

Mar 8–Apr 19, 2018
Ohlen Freswind © Tin Shelds Gallery

This exhibition presents the development of critical ideas in community development and disaster resistant housing. It shows that architecture can act as a social catalyst as well as shelter.

It s the result of a collaboration between students from the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning and the Freswind community of Ohlen, Vanuatu to design and build a new school in Port Vila. The area was badly affected by the severe tropical cyclone Pam in 2015, in what was regarded as one of the worst natural disasters in Vanuatu’s history. In July 2017 a group of architecture students and tutors travelled to Ohlen to consult with the community and develop a set of patterns, parameters and principles to guide their involvement in the Freswind School Project. The work produced is a collation of the observations and lessons taken from the community of Ohlen and will guide the design of the school and other future projects to be built.

The guiding principle for the student’s involvement in the project is very simple: Every child has the right to a fulfilling education.