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AA – Architectural Association School of Architecture London

Anthropocene: Diploma 4 Project Space
John Palmesino and Ann-Sofi Rönnskog with students and guests

Apr 30–May 11, 2018
Anthropocene: Diploma 4 Project Space © AA

We investigate the Anthropocene and the rise of the technosphere: an emerging figure, a system yet to come whose outlines and contours are beginning to reshape the grounds of the Earth. The technosphere baffles architecture: from within it appears as the result of themultiple projects, designs, actions and processes of humans, within the remit of control and capacity to act. From the outset humans are only a component of it, drawn into its functioning and endeavouring for its sustainment. We start with a simple question: how heavy is a city? The complex answers are activated in conversations with scientists, activists, artists, architects and theorists.