Architecture Exhibitions International

Az W – Architekturzentrum Vienna

SammlungsLab01: Das Terrassenhaus. Ein Wiener Fetisch?

Oct 19–Nov 20, 2017
© Adolf Loos, Arbeiter-Terrassenhaus, 1923

Since the design of the Terrassenhaus by Adolf Loos in 1923 and to this day, this type of development is regarded in Vienna as an innovative form of urban housing. In SammlungsLab, a study is undertaken of this type of stepped section building, its phases of development and current relevance. Also pursued is the question of whether this is in fact a specifically local housing concept. Interest in this type of development appears unbroken. The Terrassenhaus meets users' current demand for a closeness to nature in combination with an urban lifestyle, while opening up new formal possibilities for architects to reinterpret the closed housing block. The current validity of stepped section housing in a range of urban contexts is pursued on the basis of historical and contemporary examples.

Curated by Lorenzo De Chiffre in cooperation with Monika Platzer/Az W.