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BALTSprojects Zurich

Everyday ruins

Jun 8–Jul 13, 2019
Bildunterschrift: No 1, Everyday Ruins, Digital Image, 2019, © (ab)Normal

(ab)Normal is a graphic novel without chronology. Instead, obsolete 3ds and rejected timelines are reconfigured in spatial narratives. Iconographic images describe the allegory of a culture that revolves obsessively around Internet, Gaming, and Religion.

(ab)Normal is a multidisciplinary collective set to explore different realms – i.e. design, architecture, scenography, illustration, novel – with a particular focus on Architectural Representation. Photorealism is carefully deconstructed and rearranged in illustrations based on Normal vectors, avoiding the traditional structure that builds the contemporary visual description of space. Hence, this project is both scientific in its method and evocative for its thematic background.

Luigi Savio, Mattia Inselvini, Marcello Carpino and Davide Masserini met in OMA office in Rotterdam, and started to illustrate (ab)Normal at the end of 2017. Their work has been shown in various exhibitions among them the S AM Basel (2018, site-specific work for the exhibition Dichtelust) and Anise Gallery London (2018, Datasutra, solo show). The most recent exhibition project  Micro Tools: The invisible Synapse was a collaboration of (ab)Normal with KooZA/rch for Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019.

“(ab)Normal came out from the frustration that the four of us experienced rendering photorealistic images while working in architecture offices. Behind the layer of perfect photo-realism, architecture gets often banalized and reduced to its realizability. We wanted to explore the fantasies abandoned during the design process. For us, it is a therapeutic release of unexplored obsessions through illustrations.” (ab)Normal, Interview with KooZA/rch, 2019