Architecture Exhibitions International

Dům umění - House of Art Ostrava

An exhibition by Studio Odile Decq

Apr 6–Jun 10, 2018
© Franck Juery

Since its outset, Studio Odile Decq has always been committed to present Architecture with a singular eye that transcends the simple project presentation. In HORIZONS, nine projects are deliberately shown in non-descriptive, nonchronological ways. Radically summarizing their conceptual volumes, they are transposed in a
visual journey through their spatial experiences, in an array of scales ranging from the changing landscape of Tangshan National Geopark Museum to the evanescence of the Phantom’s plastic shapes. The Studio’s work stands out with a broadspectrum, carrying the features of a lack of inhibition, and expresses an innovative vision on each occasion, project and place. A great sense of experimentation and curiosity lies within the core of this work, where architecture merges with art and design. The same creative process is applied to different scales. Design itself is a natural downscale in the Studio’s approach, apprehending objects differently according to their contextualization. The lamps designed for Luceplan are part of the architecture as much as they are objects of their own, and a building’s nature could, according to the viewpoint, vary from an object, a piece of architecture or an urban fabric.The Studio’s codes are defined by an expressive use of materials and colors in arrangements of items where contrasts are marked. The space is in constant tension, with tangential perspectives and dynamic sequences, like in the FRAC Bretagne and MACRO museums, creating paths of discovery and blurring perceptions. With a constant balance between integration and clash, the historical or pre-existent and the contemporary addition, this architecture becomes a sensuous experience.