Architecture Exhibitions International

Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig

The New Architecture of the Collective

Nov 29, 2018–Mar 17, 2019
Ausstellungsansicht Together! Die Neue Architektur der Gemeinschaft © Foto: Mark Niedermann

Housing is scarce – that much has become evident in the last few years. As real estate prices in big cities continue to skytrocket, conventional ideas of housing development prove unable to meet demands. The reaction to these challenges has been a silent revolution in contemporary architecture - towards collective building and living. Using models, films, and walk-in display, the exhibition »Together! The New Architecture of the Collective« addresses this global phenomenon by presenting a broad array of collective building and living projects from Germany, Europe, Asia, and the United States. An overview of historical precedents for the current wave of collectives demonstrates that the idea of collectivity has been a recurring theme in the history of architecture, from the reformist ideas of the nineteenth century to the hippies and squatters of the twentieth who touted the slogan »Make love, not lofts«.

An exhibition of Vitra Design Museum, curated by Ilka and Andreas Ruby and EM2N.