Aug 21–Dec 23, 2018

Torafu Architects

Inside Out
東京都港区南青山1-24-3, Tokyo 107-0062 Map
Tue–Sat 11 am–6 pm

TORAFU first gained acclaim with their creative redesign ideas for hotel rooms in “TEMPLATE IN CLASKA” (2004). Working both in and beyond the realm of architectural design, they have since built a prolific oeuvre of more than 200 projects that includes houses, shop and showroom interiors, stage sets, furniture, and jewelry. In 2010, they released their original line of “airvases”. The internationally popular product comes in a variety of versions designed through collaborations with different artists. TORAFU employs an approach in which they shift viewpoints back-and-forth between the realms of product, interior, and architectural design. By doing this, they are able to fully draw out the potential and charm of places, spaces, and materials, and at times, they have even shown the power to change the movement and behavior of people and to transform the character of a street.

“Inside Out” will present a wide range of TORAFU’s early to recent works by showing the process behind their making from the design study phase to completion. Furthermore, it will showcase various objects and materials that guided their experimentations and gave them inspiration, allowing visitors to peer into the minds of the architects who find joy even in the process of creation and to retrace how they arrived at their creative solutions. Visitors will be immersed in TORAFU’s creative world in the museum’s spaces, which will feature an original movie made specially for the exhibition and the various “airvase” designs that they supervised.