Dec 15, 2016–Feb 11, 2017

«Train and the City»

Carte Blanche XIV – KCAP Architects&Planners
Zollstrasse 115, Zurich CH8005
Tue–Wed 12 am–6 pm, Thu 2–8 pm, Fri 12 am–6 pm, Sat 11 am–5 pm

Imagine a journey from Zurich to Amsterdam by train, with an intermezzo in a foreign city, pausing… stretching your legs, gazing around the station and then hopping onto another train to continue the adventure. Since the industrial revolution and the birth of railway transport, cities have developed rapidly around their stations and continue to do so. Today, the arrival of high speed trains, improving multimodality and new technologies, brings us to imagine and create new visions for train stations and their surroundings.
The exhibition invites you to explore a selection of KCAP’s oeuvre that deals with different aspects of mobility as a driving force of urban development. From a station to larger areas, the projects reflect upon the meaning and importance of infrastructure for cities. A comparative research on the relation between train infrastructure and historical city growth by students from the University of Liechtenstein enriches the «Train and the City».