Desguinlei 25, Antwerpen B-2018 Map
Mo–Fr 10–19 Uhr, Sat 16–19 Uhr

'Pasticcio' is an exhibition that brings together a group of seven contemporary European architects who work outside the mainstream. It is a critique of the loss of quality and intimacy as a consequence of globalisation. It is intended to demonstrate how powerfully and differently contemporary architecture is able to react to this problem, on condition that it is based on continuity and a common culture.
The seven architects selected - Hermann Czech (AT), Knapkiewicz & Fickert (CH), Märkli Architekt (CH), Hild und K Architekten (D), Caruso St John (UK), biq (NL) and Bovenbouw (B) - represent three generations. The projects in the exhibition were chosen because they complement each other and are related more in spirit than in form or intention.

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The title of the exhibition refers to the stone tower at the Sir John Soane Museum, location of this architect's art collection in London, a large number of classical artefacts exhibited in what was formerly his home. In the middle of one of the courtyards behind the house stands the 'Pasticcio', a stone tower that was re-erected not so long ago. It is a stack of fragments of classical architecture with at the top a pinnacle designed by Soane himself. In this exhibition he is presented as the eighth architect.