Digital twins

Playful augmentation by 2MVD
Weyringergasse 27/i, 01040 Wien Map
Sa 15–18 Uhr

We are living in the age of the digital. This has been made inevitably clear by Covid19 and the respective measures such as smart working, health tracking, distance teaching, zoom parties etc. One could say, digitalization conducts a profound and irreversible change on the way we live together - it has already and will even more in future. In this exhibition we seek to illuminate the effects of digitalization on the perception of spaces and objects. This is an investigation in a media-centric spatial experience which follows the theoretical approach, whereby physicality and digitality are not understood as separate instances, but are merged into one.

We used digital design tools to populate and expand material space through visual effects that put focus on the notion of interaction and artificiality. On an aesthetic level the term ‘digital nature’ is at the core of this work: we are interested in the interconnections and antagonisms of mathematical and natural shapes.

To view those augmentations we developed the AR-application afx-isi: Through your smartphone an additional virtual layer becomes tangible - immaterial sometimes floating sculptures and new spaces, seamlessly integrated into the existing brick walls or attached to material objects scattered in the exhibition space. We want to address a supposedly banal question: What is the difference between material and real? We want to tighten the threads between the immaterial and the material to overcome this dualism. Therefore we invite you to interact and explore the relations between what is there and what you see, between the human and the non-human, between you and the other… and make kin.