Living with Water

Southern Fringe of Ljubljana
Grad Fužine, Pot na Fužine 2, 01000 Ljubljana Map
Mo–So 8–18 Uhr

As the Future Architecture platform leader and one of the 20 implementers of the 2018 European Architecture Programme, MAO invites five international emerging creatives to participate in the exhibition titled: Living with Water - Southern Fringe of Ljubljana.

Learning from the experience of the multidisciplinary team in charge of the exhibition for the Slovenian pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2018, which explores and discusses the past, present and future relationship between architecture and water, the invited Future Architecture creatives will produce concrete hands-on design proposals and will develop alternative models for a new, fairer, safer and less invasive living environment.The starting point of the exhibition is the heritage of water management arrangements in relation to the living environment, based  on the example of the River Ljubljanica. With regard to global climate change and ecological disasters we are, to a great extent, responsible ourselves. At the same time as we "civilise" certain parts of the earth, we completely neglect others and lay the burden on our civilisation. If in the past the ideal for water was for it to be as much as possible enclosed in riverbeds and as soon as possible to be sent to estuaries, and the marshes to be transformed into fertile fields, now we find that such marshy areas were the natural reserves of water that we miss today and want to artificially create.

Curatorial team: Milan Dinevski, Damjan Kokalevski, Natalija Lapajne, Nikola Pongrac, Špela Šubic.

Future Architecture participants: SET-Architects, Phi, Maite Borjabad, SKREI, Miruna Dunu.

Exhibition design: Bika Rebek.

Graphic design: Benja Pavlin.