Forms of Gardens

Drawings by Jean Caneel-Claes. Plaster models by Erik Dhont
Rue Ravenstein 23, 01000 Bruxelles Map
Mo–So 10–18 Uhr, Do 10–21 Uhr

In Belgium, the pedigree of landscape architecture has been established principally through the design of gardens, first private then urban.
To illustrate this point, the exhibition focuses on one of the major tenets of garden design: the research of pure forms. This theme will be illustrated, on the one hand, by original drawings by Jean Canneel-Claes, a landscape architect familiar with Victor Bourgeois or Louis-Herman de Koninck. On the other hand, the exhibition will present plaster models made by the contemporary landscape architect Erik Dhont. During a conference on the last day of the exhibition on 31 August, light will be shed on their thought processes by Bruno Notteboom, historian of landscape and landscape architecture in Belgium.