A Lot With Little

36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES
Mon–Sat 11 am–7 pm

In a world where unpredictable events and natural disasters increasingly affect our living conditions, and where the building industry is responsible for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions, the responsibility of architects has never been as critical as it is today. Indifference to the overwhelming consequences of climate change is not an option. With limited time, money and resources at our disposal, we urgently need new sustainable ways to design and produce good architecture. An architecture led by societal needs, and made with the resources at hand, that responds to local culture, local economy and the environment. An architecture conceived ethically and responsibly, that cares for our future.

A Lot With Little showcases the work of international architects engaged in sustainable solutions for housing, education, transformation of existing buildings and disaster relief. It features projects with a social dimension that have had a positive impact on the communities they serve. The contributing architects provide multiple interpretations of a common mindset, overcoming a lack of resources with creative ingenuity.

A multichannel film installation, curated and produced by Noemí Blager and made by Tapio Snellman, showcases selected projects in their existing settings, alongside interviews with the architects themselves.

The featured architects embrace lateral thinking and participatory methods, leading to the creation of sustainable, affordable architecture that contributes to societal betterment. Their shared values prioritise context over concept, fostering flexible, people-centred architecture that exist in harmony with their surroundings. Here, sustainability isn't a mere goal or regulatory response—it's a natural consequence of their design philosophy.