Dec 3, 2022–Jan 28, 2023


Guess, Build, Play
Münstergasse 4, 03011 Bern Map
Thu 5–8 pm Sat 9 am–2 pm

Patrick Jüdt, Imke Frank, Felix Borel, Donna Molinari, Ernesto Molinari, Hugo Queirós, Matteo and Vita Deichmann, Paula Sansano, Paolo Rosselli and Ronny Hunger.

Isn't the assumption a basic requirement for any form of design? Isn't even the most precise construction plan, the most painstaking score, based on assumptions? What lies between these assumptions and our memories?

Long-term study
The house built north of Milan by Italian architect Alberto Rosselli in the 1950s has been home to the stories of its residents for two generations. Rosselli, who founded Studio PFR together with Gio Ponti in 1950, created an architectural icon with his design, which is still inhabited and enlivened in the spirit of his client.

Laboratory test
Voices fill the rooms of a busy house, voices tell stories. The six parts of the composition, which Patrick Jüdt writes for Affspace, become independent and very personal stories through the individuality of their largely improvising interpreters. However, due to their common architecture, they also form a single work. To a certain extent, they occupy the same space.

The table that Paula Sansano designed for this first joint work houses the composition and invites you to listen to the six voices individually, each on a single earpiece. In this way it is possible to follow the composition of one or two of the individually recorded parts, whereby the actual six-part work in its entirety naturally always remains within the realm of imagination due to the characteristics of the table. The composition remains in the state of conjecture.

At the opening of the exhibition, the work will be premiered live by the musicians.