Nov 7–Nov 21, 2023


Studio Kawahara Krause
Bei den Mühren 70, 20457 Hamburg
Wed 1–6 pm, Thu 1–8 pm, Fri 1–6 pm

In a multi-layered hodgepodge of a seemingly random collection of things that have been taken out of their context, STUDIO KAWAHARA KRAUSE show their design theory.

The entire design process from input to output is mixed here: observation and derivation, reference, interpretation and narration, as well as the various stages of finding and defining in design. Mixture and mass are intended to enable the constant change between focused and unconscious perception and thus create new connections and stimuli.

Opening on Thursday, November 6th at 7 p.m.
Speakers: Jonathan Sergison (Sergison Bates Architects, London), Tobias Goevert (BSW, Hamburg), Katja Pahl (Fritz Schumacher Gesellschaft e.V., Hamburg)


from 6 p.m.: entry
7 p.m.: Introduction to the exhibition by STUDIO KAWAHARA KRAUSE
7.10 p.m.: Tobias Goevert (BSW, Hamburg) on urban development in Hammerbrook
7.20 p.m.: ephem architects (Berlin; research assistant in the STUDIO KAWAHARA KRAUSE at the TU Dresden): short presentation of the students’ designs
7.25 p.m.: Katja Pahl (Fritz Schumacher Society e.V., Hamburg) on design theory and Fritz Schumacher's work
7.35 p.m.: Jonathan Sergison (Sergison Bates Architects, London): Lecture “The Practice of Teaching” in English
8.30 p.m.: Resumé by STUDIO KAWAHARA KRAUSE followed by discussions, snacks and drinks