Permanent exhibition


Design for Learning
315 Capitol Suite 120, Houston TX 77002 Map
Mon–Thu 9 am–5:30 pm, Fri 9 am–3 pm

Curated by architect Jody Sergi, AIA, HOUxEDU will showcase the work of seven prominent architecture firms that specialize in K-12 school architecture, and their innovative and dynamic approaches to changing the educational landscape of Houston. It will highlight some of the best new school designs and explore the ways in which design may enhance the learning experience and improve learning outcomes.

Schools are cornerstones of our communities, and buildings that we inevitably interact with. They are continually evolving into flexible spaces for learning and engagement. They can be used as community centers, for exercise and entertainment, and even as shelter in times of crisis. Most importantly, schools provide space for students to learn, grow, develop their skills, and be inspired. To students from underserved communities, school is often more than just a classroom, and a well-designed school can provide an environment that is healthier, and safer than elsewhere in their lives, allowing them to thrive.

The exhibition will touch on themes including sustainability, safety and security, renovation, outdoor learning, collaborative environments, STEAM, Career Technology Education, and inclusive design.

HOUxEDU is accompanied by several public programs including tours of schools across Houston, a school design charette for students, and a panel discussion on the community’s role in school bonds.