Oct 12–Dec 9, 2022


Visions in Steel
315 Capitol Suite 120, Houston TX 77002 Map
Mon–Thu 9 am–5:30 pm, Fri 9 am–3 pm

PartILLATION: Visions in Steel is a curated collection of photography and the scintillating work of visual artists illuminating steel in the built environment. In its form, PartILLATION is a created word, borrowing from the idea of provoking an exhibit that is part art and part installation to elicit and celebrate the familiar references and contributions of steel architecture in the built environment.

Through the careful capture of sound, visuals, portraiture, and interviews, the exhibition explores five themes: evolution, humanism, innovation, history, and legacy.

Craftspeople who mold and manipulate.  Architects that imagine and manifest. The dimensional exhibit ups the energy by including a mapping tunnel with projected images inviting visitors to enter and exit, and aspires to capture the people, faces, and ambition of steel that gave rise to our cities and to the architecture of generations.