Oct 20–Nov 17, 2023

Holzbaupreis Kärnten 2023

St. Veiter Ring 10, 09020 Klagenfurt
Mon–Fri 9 am–19, Sat 10 am–3 pm

Every two years, together with proHolz Kärnten, buildings are sought in which the local material wood has been primarily used in an innovative, contemporary and ecological way. The exhibition at Architektur Haus Kärnten shows a current cross-section of Carinthian timber construction in various categories. From commercial and public buildings to revitalisations, renovations, residential buildings and interior designs.

The Timber Construction Award aims to promote and recognise special achievements in timber construction as a contribution to Carinthia's regional building culture. The timber construction awards are intended to provide incentives for new timber architecture and to promote the increased use of wood as a raw material. The responsible treatment of people and resources in the sense of the comprehensive concept of sustainable management in ecological, economic and social terms should be taken into consideration.

proHolz Kärnten and Architektur Haus Kärnten invite you to the award ceremony and exhibition of outstanding projects for the Wood Construction Prize Carinthia 2023.

Awards ceremony on Thursday, October 19, 2023 at 7:00 p.m
Presentation of the nominated projects
Awarding of the timber construction prizes sponsored by Kelag
then eating, drinking and talking