Sep 26, 2018–Jan 13, 2019

Palaces and Factories

The Architecture under King Ludwig II.
Barer Strasse 40 (Pinakothek der Moderne), 80333 München Map
Tue–Sun 10 am–6 pm, Sun 10 am–8 pm

This exhibition, which marks the 150th anniversary of the TU Munich, sheds light on the architectural history of the Kingdom of Bavaria during the reign of Ludwig II (1864-1886). The exhibition provides the first ever survey of the buildings constructed under his aegis, and of the projects that went unrealized. The focus is not just on the world-famous royal palaces and the spectacular theater projects which Ludwig II personally commissioned, but also on the public and private architectural developments of his time. These include prominent buildings such as the Munich Rathaus (Town Hall), the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and the Bayreuth Festival Theater, but also buildings which are less well-known, but are architecturally outstanding and of cultural-historical significance, such as the original building of the "New Polytechnic School" (now TU) in Munich, the synagogues in Munich and Nuremberg, the factory buildings of the Augsburg textile quarter and the ephemeral architecture created for the exhibition "Bayerische Landes-, Industrie-, Gewerbe- und Kunstausstellung," held in 1882 in Nuremberg.