Nov 24, 2023–Feb 23, 2024

The land question

Climate, economy, common good
Waldstrasse 8, 76133 Karlsruhe Map
Mon–Thu 9–12 am and 2–4 pm, Fri 9–12 am

We live on and with the soil. It feeds us and cools the atmosphere. We need it for living, use it in our free time and for work - our economic system is unthinkable without free access to the land.

Since the global financial market crisis, the situation has changed noticeably: Since stock markets involve higher risks and government bonds are no longer profitable, land is considered a sought-after, internationally sought-after investment property. Rising rents are a clear symptom of this. At its core, it's about much more: our social market economy and our community are at stake, and the climate also depends directly on how we use the soil.

The aim of the exhibition is to present the complex interactions that the soil is exposed to in an understandable way. 36 aspects of the land issue are examined in the areas of climate, economy and common good. The exhibition and a publication create a broader awareness of the land issue and offer illustrative material, arguments and solutions and for local discourse.

The exhibition is a project by the University of Kassel in cooperation with the German Academy for Urban Development and Regional Planning and is funded by the BMWSB as part of the National Urban Development Policy.

Tuesday 02/20/24, 7 p.m
Lecture by curator Sabine Tastel