Jul 12–Oct 25, 2024

SelgasCano Arquitectos

Unstable Zones
Im Adambräu, Lois Welzenbacher Platz 1, 06020 Innsbruck
Tue–Fri 11 am–6 pm, Sat 11 am–5 pm

The studio, founded in Madrid in 1996 by José Selgas and Lucía Cano, has made an international name for itself in recent years with transparent, colorful and organic buildings such as the Serpentine Pavilion in London's Hyde Park (2015).

In their creative research and use of unconventional, industrial materials, they are also concerned with finding cost-effective solutions that create added value for people. In doing so, they repeatedly vary the combination of light metal structures with a shell made of translucent plastic, such as the Youth Factory in Merida (2006-13), designed as a large canopy, the congress center in Plasencia (2005-17) floating above the landscape of Extremadura, or the canteen in London's new Design District (2017-21).

In the exhibition designed for the aut, SelgasCano deliberately refrains from giving an insight into their work through projects. Instead, they create a piece of architecture, a spatial installation implemented with minimal means that makes their attitude directly tangible. Based on their engagement with the former brewery building, they installed a total of eight cylinders in different materials and colors in the former openings of the brewing kettles that move up and down. Through this "perpetuum mobile", our exhibition rooms are constantly transformed and become "unstable zones" that offer visitors an experience for all the senses.

Opening on Thursday, July 18th at 7:00 p.m.