Oct 5–Nov 20, 2023

Between cost estimation, breast milk and construction turnaround

Positions of our generation
Museumsplatz 1, 01070 Vienna
Mon–Sun 10 am–7 pm

The challenges for the youngest generation of Austrian architects are great and diverse: to actively shape the building turnaround, to create fairer working structures and to increase their own scope for action again through changed framework conditions.

Young architects who are just setting up their own practice find themselves in the midst of pressing issues - the climate crisis, rising construction and rental costs, buildings as objects of speculation and limited room for manoeuvre. But what forms does architecture take when architects consistently pursue social and ecological concerns? What does this future architecture look like? How do young architects get desirable commissions? How can they initiate projects themselves? How can fairer living spaces and working structures be designed and maintained together? In the run-up to the exhibition, positions and concerns were collected in a series of interviews by and with young architects, and then collectively condensed further in a series of workshops throughout Austria. The workshop series is supported by the Climate Fund and Zumtobel Lightning, among others.

The exhibition provides a snapshot of a new generation that is characterised by a tactical optimism despite multiple crises. An open mapping that collects questions and positions and invites expansion. A platform that shows which approaches and strategies offer opportunities, especially for young architects.

With its burning questions, the exhibition "Between Cost Estimates, Mother's Milk and Building Turnaround" sees itself as a temporary extension of the exhibition collection "Hot Questions - Cold Storage" and offers points of contact for fellow campaigners and those who want to become one.