Sep 1–Oct 4, 2022


textile skins
Mommsenstrasse 64, 10629 Berlin Map
Mon, Wed, Thu 10 am–3 pm

Skin as an organ articulates the boundary between body and space - as a metaphor, it inspires theory, construction and design of architectural and textile skins in a variety of interpretations.

Fashion designer Jennifer Brachmann studied fashion design and architecture. This is reflected in recurring skin metaphors, architectural themes and techniques in her playful, minimalist clothing designs for men and women.
In the new "Skins" collection, Brachmann experiments with layering, transparency and metabolism and explores the three-dimensional quality of skin in textiles. Seams reveal their construction, structure surfaces and correspond to the silhouette. BRACHMANN sees itself as a border crosser between architectural space and garment space.
The concept behind the "Skins" collection, which combines fashion and architecture, is shown in a room installation and clothing in the BDA Gallery Berlin.