Sep 15–Dec 18, 2022

The City within

In the Rutal Galaxy
Plaza de Cibeles 1, 28014 Madrid Map
Tue-Sun 10 am-8 pm

The City Within is a new type of exhibition that explores the relationships between ideas and people, spaces and times, proposing creative connections and intuitions that draw us into the experience of the city, in a context of questioning and replacement or dissolution of models of power between generations, classes and genders, between the city within and the countryside within, and in a post-pandemic dystopian scenario that characterises the so-called Rural Galaxy of the techno-city.

The City Within also involves a journey through three biographies. Following the symbolism of the number 3, as Dante Alighieri did in his Divine Comedy, we embark on this journey through the city supported by the exemplary trajectories of three masters, to wit, a philosopher, a musician and a writer, who, assuming the role of guides/gurus/sherpas, lead us into the interior of the city. They are Javier Echeverría (Pamplona, Navarra, 1948), Llorenç Barber (Aielo de Malferit, Valencia, 1948) and Noni Benegas (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1947). Our goal is to synthesise their paths of knowledge into concepts and perceptions that help to unravel the meaning of essential questions: where do we come from, where are we going?

In a transversal way, these ideas or paths of knowledge proposed by our three Sherpas will be “unveiled/recreated/illuminated” by 12 illustrators who will convert these concepts into images, as the master stained glass artists once did in medieval cathedrals. Indeed, our experience of the rural galaxy is somewhat akin to a return to the Middle Ages.

In social innovation, artists, creators and thinkers can and must be factors of dissonance that serve to uncover new interrelationships and links in the processes of coexistence, creation and interpersonal development. In addition to the concepts that our guides explore, the exhibition also features a selection of visual poems by Noni Benegas; a sound installation by Llorenç Barber, Sambori/Rayuela, together with some of his visual scores; and books, interviews and time stamps that reflect and record these exemplary trajectories in the form of a biopic.