Apr 25–Oct 31, 2023


The Future of Cities in Wood
111 East Wacker Drive, Chicago IL 60601
9-5 pm

As cities seek to reduce carbon impact, one of humanity’s oldest construction materials is emerging as a promising solution to the sustainability challenges that modern construction presents. With breakthroughs in engineering and manufacturing, “mass timber” has become a fresh way of using sustainably sourced wood to build structures with breathtaking design while enriching life in urban settings.

REFRAMED: The Future of Cities in Wood tells the story of building with mass timber and features architectural models of mass timber projects from around the world, from public spaces to office buildings and adaptive reuse to new construction.

This exhibition explores the many positive aspects of building with mass timber, including sustainability and safety. It also reflects on biophilia, the human instinct to seek connections with nature. Biophilic design centered around the use of wood creates aesthetically pleasing environments and has been proven to promote well-being and positive mental health benefits among occupants.

REFRAMED will also offer the hands-on opportunity to experience wood through a learning pavilion constructed from mass timber, as well as a striking visual demonstration of the superior ability of mass timber to withstand fire.