Oct 11, 2013–Jan 26, 2014


Head for the centre of the world
Bryghuspladsen 10, 01473 Kopenhagen Map
Mon–Sun 10 am–6 pm, Thu 10 am–9 pm

The eyes of the world are focused on this large northern country and its enormous potential in terms of mineral resources, climate and new global connections. In the last few years Greenland has assumed a central and highly important position on the world map.

The Danish Architecture Centre's autumn exhibition,'Greenland - Head for the centre of the world', invites visitors on a sensuous and exciting journey to modern Greenland. The exhibition will provide a new and up-to-date view of Greenland with all the opportunities and challenges, which recent years have opened up for its people and society.

The basis of the exhibition is a large-scale installation in the form of a traditional Greenlandic home, created by the renowned Greenlandic artist Bolatta Silis-Ove Høegh. The exhibition will open the gates to modern Greenland for an encounter between visitors and some of the people, who make the decisions about the country's future development.

Employing a variety of specific examples, a number of Danish and Greenlandic architects will show how they work together to take on the various challenges and opportunities: for example, by creating a new combined super harbour and international airport; or by designing a town, which can accommodate people from all over the world, but without the people of Greenland losing their own identity.