A Lot With Little

Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 6, 10179 Berlin
Wed–Sun 2–7 pm

A LOT WITH LITTLE dives into 16 buildings by international architects and invites the visitor to experience them as everyday living spaces. Along with music accentuations, the sophisticated photography of the film highlights the architectural qualities; statements by the architects themselves on their design approaches and the social responsibility of architecture in general are intertwined.

Designed as an expansive triptych, the immersive video work illustrates the design challenges of the architects as well as the spatial qualities of the buildings exhibited in their respective surroundings and everyday functionality. The projects are grouped into four typological clusters–housing, education, transformation, and disaster relief–to outline design parallels across divergent geographical, cultural, social as well as economic contexts.

Responding to local conditions and lack of resources, the architects have created extraordinary projects which are sustainable and affordable. The projects underline the relevance of thinking architecture, city, people and nature together, and contribute to a forward-looking building culture.

Opening: 07.03.2024, 6:30 p.m.
Introduction: Tarek Megahed (project leader DAZ), Laura Holzberg and Alesa Mustar (Artistic and Curatorial Direction DAZ)
Talk: Noemí Blager (curator) and Tapio Snellman (filmmaker), Laura Holzberg and Alesa Mustar on searching out vernacular and social aspects of architecture, and about the little things that can achieve a lot.
Edible installation by Jasmine Parsley: after a brief presentation of her scope of work, our guests will be invited to enjoy the tablescape.

This public event will be held in English.