Segments of Re-Enscription
Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 6, 10179 Berlin Map
Wed–Sun 2–7 pm

PALIMPSEST. SEGMENTS OF RE-ENSCRIPTION is an architectural search for traces by the German-Korean artist Jeewi Lee, curated by Laura Holzberg, Artistic Direction DAZ. A constructed and inhabited house is just like a second skin; it shows traces of aging and use, telling stories of past times. Jeewi Lee recontextualizes individual architectural components as spatial installations, through extracting the object from buildings and recomposing them within the exhibition space.

For PALIMPSEST, weathered roof tiles transform into a floor painting, illustrating how environmental influences can inscribe on building materials, making each tile unique. Segments of traditional hanji paper floors, which Lee took from old Korean houses, hang from the ceiling as full-size floor plans of individual rooms creating a multi-layered spatial image. Life has left traces on these floors. Jeewi Lee‘s work is an aesthetic archive of memory, a manifestation of use, function, and routines

The inscriptions of age and the tales encoded in buildings and materials constitute and enrich their identities and thus their significance for the society.