May 10–Jun 21, 2019

Wood joints

Expression of tectonic culture
Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5, 08093 Zürich Map

Wood joints reflect the different building cultures in timber construction. They are shaped by climate and material, but also by aesthetic values. While the traditional timber construction of Central and Southern Europe is dominated by half-timbered buildings, in Scandinavia block constructions from horizontal trunks are characteristic. In China and Japan, a skeleton construction method was established that gets away without stiffening walls and withstands typhoons and earthquakes particularly well.

The purely wooden joints have experienced a renaissance in recent years, partly due to changes in fire protection regulations and computer-aided manufacturing techniques.

In the exhibition you can see traditional, pure wood joints from Europe and the Anglo-Saxon area as well as from China and Japan. It also shows how wood joints are used in current and future construction projects.