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Aedes Architekturforum Berlin
Poetic Imaginations
Interweaving Architecture With Traditional Values
Feb 17–Mar 27, 2024
Berlinische Galerie Berlin
Closer To Nature
Building with Fungi, Trees, Mud
Feb 16–Oct 14, 2024
Tchoban Foundation – Museum for Architectural Drawing Berlin
Sauerbruch Hutton
Drawing in Space
Feb 3–May 5, 2024
Architektur Galerie Berlin
The Tube
An Architecture Utopia by Guenther L. Eckert
Jan 19–Mar 2, 2024
Architekturmuseum TU Berlin
Im Gleichschritt
The Architects and Engineers Association in Berlin during National Socialism
Dec 7, 2023–Feb 22, 2024
Bezirksmuseum Marzahn-Hellersdorf Berlin
The joy of building was twofold
The architect Wolf R. Eisentraut
Dec 4, 2023–Nov 3, 2024
Friedrichswerdersche Kirche Berlin
Focus on Schinkel
A Look at His Life and Work
Permanent exhibition
Mitte Museum Berlin
Leipziger Straße housing complex
Planning, building and living in the capital of the GDR
Sep 29, 2023–Feb 26, 2024
Unité d’habitation – Le Corbusier Berlin
Le Corbusier: Unité d'habitation
Typ Berlin
Permanent exhibition
Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen Berlin
City Models of Berlin
Urban Development - Plans, Models, Projects
Permanent exhibition
Berlinische Galerie Berlin
Architecture in the collection "Art in Berlin 1880-1980"
Fehling + Gogel. Movement in Space
Permanent exhibition