Nov 4, 2019–Feb 4, 2020

Le Corbusier at 24NC

a place for living, a space for creating Paris, Le Corbusier's studio apartment
8/10, square du Docteur Blanche, 75016 Paris Map

By use of around twenty photographs, signed by Peter Willi and Albin Salaün, this exhibition evokes the original atmosphere at the apartment/studio, a space of dualism: simultaneously a living space, that of the everyday life, which Le Corbusier shared with Yvonne, his wife and his dog, “Pinceau” [paint brush] and also a space for pictorial, sculptural or literary creations.This is a symbolic place, illustrating Le Corbusier as much as Charles-Edouard.

This selection of photographs, dating from 1934 to 1965, attempts to revive the memory of the place as much as the presence of Le Corbusier.