Jul 3–Sep 28, 2024

Louis-Cyprien Rials

A Stadium in Iraq
8/10, square du Docteur Blanche, 75016 Paris

Artist Louis-Cyprien Rials has made several long trips to Iraq to discover its people. There he observed the rites and vestiges of history, from Sumerian ruins to modern buildings. With the support of Galerie Eric Mouchet, whose director is also a specialist in Le Corbusier’s work, Louis-Cyprien Rials has set out to give us his vision of an emblematic yet little-known building: the Baghdad gymnasium, designed by the architect at the end of his life and completed after his death, which for a time bore the name of Saddam Hussein before housing a prison. The Fondation Le Corbusier is delighted to be associated with this project, hosting an exhibition of recent works by Louis-Cyprien Rials from 3 July to 28 September, orchestrated and staged by Guillemette Morel-Journel.