Mar 27, 2022–Apr 2, 2023

Schön hier.

Architektur auf dem Land
Laubweg 5, 61267 Neu-Ansbach Map
Mon-Sun, 9 am-6 pm

Rural regions and their architecture are paid too scant attention. That is something this exhibition aims to change, with a wealth of current buildings demonstrating the qualities to be discovered here and showing that architecture can contribute a great deal to good living in the country.

“The whole world is talking about the process of urbanization and that in future half of humanity will live in cities. I’m interested in the other half.”  Sami Rintala, Finnish architect

Rural areas are gaining more and more attention as places to live. They are places to live and work. They need a contemporary technical, social and structural infrastructure. 70 outstanding buildings – from residential houses and barn conversions to farmsteads, inns, workshops, wineries, sports facilities and public buildings – show the diverse contributions architecture can make to a good life in rural areas. Geographically, they are mainly concentrated in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but are also located in neighbouring European countries.

They are described by their inhabitants and builders or their architects. This results in a variety of approaches from the point of view of mayors and winegrowers, a library director, the head of a kindergarten, an entrepreneur and many others.

In addition, we visited the Black Forest and Thuringia and the two towns of Krumbach in Austria and Valendas in Switzerland, which have driven their overall development in a special way. The often different situations of the municipalities become clear. The financing is also discussed – from private to public funds. Private individuals and entire municipalities are therefore addressed, regardless of their budget. We will also show new sustainable developments and the combination of the traditional and the contemporary. A lot of space is given to the conversion and renovation of buildings.

We would like to draw attention to large and very small projects that may inspire further projects. It is an invitation to learn from the country.