Oct 29, 2022–Feb 4, 2023

Pidgeon Audio Visual

Architects Speak for Themselves
4 West Burton Place, Chicago IL 60610 Map
Wed–Sat 11 am–6 pm

Mining the Pidgeon Audio Visual (PAV) series—a collection of over 200 mail order slide-tape lectures initiated in 1979 by renowned editor of London-based journal Architectural Design, Monica Pidgeon—this exhibition features a selection of the talks and accompanying slide presentations by leading architects and designers produced in the 1980s and 1990s. At the Graham, the presentations will be shown on synchronized slide projectors with the original talks given by designers such as Reyner Banham, Rifat Chadirji, Charles Correa, Balkrishna Doshi, Myron Goldsmith, Zaha Hadid, Lawrence Halprin, Kisho Kurokawa, Esther McCoy, Cedric Price, Alison & Peter Smithson, Stanley Tigerman, and Anne Tyng, among others. By drawing from the Monica Pidgeon papers at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London, in addition to the Graham Foundation archive records from a 1983 grant Pidgeon received to support her work, the exhibition delves into the early role of new technologies in the development and distribution of architectural ideas.