Sep 22, 2022–Apr 10, 2023

Graz Poster 1920-1955

Sackstraße 18, 08010 Graz Map
Wed–Mon 10 am–5 pm

The exhibition in the Graz Museum presents sketches and posters from the Collection of the Graz Museum.
In the second half of the twentieth century, billboards defined the cityscape significantly and contributed to the identity construction of its population.

Companies and institutions in Graz such as the Puntigam brewery, Göc, Kastner & Öhler, Humanic and the Graz Trade Fair recognised the importance of advertising and commissioned artists, men as well as women, to create advertising graphics. The commissions served as an important source of income for them in addition to their freelance artistic work.
In addition, some artists also worked for political parties, for which they designed propaganda billboards.
On the one hand, billboards were a medium for business, consumerism and political propaganda and, on the other, a distinctive cultural expression of their time.

The billboards as well as other content of the exhibition can be experienced using listening, touching or smelling stations. In this way, the show provides an inclusive offer and a sensual added value for visitors with handicaps.