Arno Brandlhuber & Christopher Roth

Legislating Architecture Schweiz
Wolfgang Pauli-Strasse 15, 08093 Zürich Map
Mon–Fri 8 am–10 pm, Sat 8 am–5 pm

In this exhibition architect Arno Brandlhuber and artist Christopher Roth focus on the relationship between legislation and architecture. How do building codes define architecture’s possibilities? And vice versa: how can architects influence the definition of architectural legislation?

To accompany the exhibition at ETH Zurich, Arno Brandlhuber’s Legislating Architecture Schweiz is published as a fragmentary reference volume that explores the chronology of architecture-relevant legislation, focusing on Zurich, but looking at controversial legislation across Switzerland. Here, various strategies of influence become clear—recurring conventionalized techniques of poster design, artfully visualized political commitment, to protests in actual urban space—showing that there is not only a politics of architecture but also an architecture of politics. The volume includes conversations held by Arno Brandlhuber with Marc Angélil, Adam Caruso, Tom Emerson, Patrick Frey, Gaetano Licata and Christopher Roth.

The book will be published during the course of the exhibition by Edition Patrick Frey.