Nov 6, 2023–Jan 9, 2024

Modern Alpine Architecture

Sighting. Appreciate. Preserve. Pass along.
Goetheallee 37, 01309 Dresden
Mon–Fri 8:30 am–4 pm

With his photo series, which now contains over 20 locations, the Leipzig photographer Albrecht Voß has set himself the task of finding human-made spaces that have a perfect interplay of function, form and structure. Architecture that carefully fits into the impressive backdrop of the Alps makes us marvel and develop an appreciation for our environment. The multiple award-winning photographs have traveled around the world and been printed in photography magazines in various countries. Now they can be seen in the Haus der Architekten, Goetheallee 37 in Dresden until January 9th.

“In 2015 I started writing a wish list of buildings from around the world that I wanted to photograph. Over time, more and more of these buildings accumulated in the Alpine region. When the first Corona lockdown ended in 2020, I used my wish list as inspiration for a new adventure. The ‘Modern Alpine Architecture’ project was born,” says Albrecht Voß, describing the creation of his photo series.

In the first part of the series, Voß photographed outstanding architecture in Austria and Italy with a focus on Tyrol and South Tyrol. The mountain ranges around the Dolomites have always fascinated him as both a climber and a skier and they formed a wonderful backdrop for the start of the photo series.

The decisive factor was the Hasselblad Master Photographer 2021 award, one of the most important international honors among professional photographers. With the support of camera manufacturer Hasselblad, he continued the series in 2022 and added grandiose buildings in Slovenia, Switzerland and Germany.

Opening: 15.11.2023, 2023, 6 p.m