CVAa - Centre for Flemish Architectural Archives Antwerpen

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The Centre for Flemish Architectural Archives (CVAa) is a cultural archival centre of expertise that has been responsible for coordinating the archiving of private documents on the architectural heritage in Flanders since 2003. The centre is a constitutional part of the Flemish Architecture Institute.

The CVAa collects and disseminates information. We advise all those involved in tracing, transferring, managing, studying and enabling access to architectural archives. We provide information on activities concerning architectural archives and on Flemish and international heritage policy.

The CVAa spotlights the importance of architectural archives. Architectural archives are treasures of information for preservers, restorers, heritage managers, journalists, governments and anyone involved in building or renovation. We set up projects and produce publications in order to illustrate the richness of architectural archives.

The CVAa is working on a Flemish collection of architectural archives. We want to provide a quality and sustainable repository for architectural archives. We look up proper locations for archives and keep a database of all architectural archives in Flanders and Brussels up-to-date. We also take temporary care of archives until a proper permanent location is found.

The CVAa functions as a platform through which new challenges and developments in the sector can be addressed. The CVAa also operates as contact point for the government.
Alongside this, the CVAa collaborates with a wide range of partners in the cultural and heritage sector. These collaborations are effected, on the one hand, through the coordination of an advisory body that meets annually and, on the other hand, through a variety of different platforms. The platforms act as working groups, within which heritage institutions with a similar profile collaborate on shared projects. Each group has its own set of dynamics. At present, the following platforms are operative: Libraries, Archives, Museums & heritage centers, Digital media, Education & research